Sociopolitical Stories

This theme explores current news articles and uses colour to diffuse the encounter with difficult subjects. The issues I often find myself drawn to portray are about: injustice, sexism, racism, politics and child abuse. The process of considering a particular news article by painting an image of it brings an intimacy of care, concern and empathy for the subjects involved and helps me digest the issue more fully.

Everybody is an Artist

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In the seminar series this year I found the lectures on socially engaged art to be the most inspiring. Claire Hamilton’s lecture on Place Making and a Socially Engaged City was particularly poignant for it contextualised my multifaceted creative web of studio practice and socially engaged community work. It explored place, the importance of community, educational reform and the role of the artist. She mentioned Joseph Beuys' famous quote, “Everybody is an artist,” meaning that each person has a multitude of pathways for their ar…