What constitutes art and craft. Is craft simply useful art? I have been working with craft for a while now, in one way or another, exploring various craft methods: weaving, spinning, felting, knitting, sewing, woodworking. Now coming back to painting I am contemplating new ways of creating large pieces. One of the things I found difficult about painting on a large scale was the transportation. It's wonderful, an amazing feeling to work on large canvases, but they're a pain to deal with after the fact and how useful are they really. So it makes me consider looking into more useful art, such as painting on fabric to create a large piece or to work with cloth in various ways. I was reading American Craft Council magazine and Marie Watt's work was inspiring, she makes large pieces using textiles. She speak about community, history and the political situations of today in a beautiful way. Her piece Witness (2015), exemplifies this.