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Michael Currier Opening Show

May 13, 2004
Gala Opening of the Michael S. Currier Center
Festivities included a presentation on the life of Michael Currier '79 to the campus community; the first show opening of the art gallery feturing 75 artists; special meals for the Currier family, major donors and trustees; the annual performance of the Brattleboro Area Youth Orchestra (featuring "A Putney Overture" by Peter Heller '44); ribbon cutting and student- and architect-led building tours. For more information and pictures of the event look at the Putney School website: www.putneyschool.org

My work of late has been strongly connected to nature and natural forms. I have been doing many nature studies and have followed a theme related to seeds for a while, depicting seeds suspended in flight. In Italian "still lives" are called natura morte, literally meaning dead nature, so my paintings represent a still life that is living, falling, moving. I enjoy creating contrasts, such as that between the objects and the backgroudn, which in this case is a tactile buttery white.

Works presetented:
Acorn,oil on canvas, 2003
Samara Falling, oil on canvas, 2003
Snow Pea, oil on canvas, 2003

 Ursula Joell Mathers is a painter and children's book illustrator living in Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and her children's books have been published by various international publishers and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages.


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