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Watercolor Series

These paintings began with the idea of depicting a monotone dream-like state where things just floated in and out. Certain images seemed to always creep into these paintings, like the scolopendre or scarafaggi that we incessantly found in the house, or the dragonflies that I would see in the countryside around Pisa. Mostly everyday images came to play in my paintings: the telephone, my violin, an open hand, wine cups and tea cups. These paintings became my travel notebook. They were the art form that synthesized my experience of living in Italy, and captured the natural beauty of the place, as well as the slow pace of life that accompanies Italian culture.

 Ursula Joell Mathers is a painter and children's book illustrator living in Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and her children's books have been published by various international publishers and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages.


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