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Il Calendario del Riccio

This calendar is the sequel to a similar publication, which was published a few years ago for the Province of Pisa, and where a hedgehog guided the readers through the year. This calendar as well has a little hedgehog as a guide who invites adults and children alike to get to know and appreciate the treasures found in the Province of Pisa, the countryside and it?s natural resources. With the exception of two theme-related illustrations (Carnival and Christmas) each month represents the overall picture of a natural product and its by-products, or rather the resources found in the territory of Pisa: the Park, thermal energy, water and archaeological finds. All those who are interested in having more information about the products and initiatives described in the calendar can look them up on the following website: www.cestopisano.it
The Editor has the pleasure to announce its pledge, in agreement with the Province of Pisa as its supporting authority, to offer a contribution to the UNICEF Committee in Italy, through the UNICEF Provincial Committee in Pisa, which will go towards the reconstruction of schools in Eritrea.

 Ursula Joell Mathers is a painter and children's book illustrator living in Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and her children's books have been published by various international publishers and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages.


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