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The Wind and the Sun

The wind and the sun wanted to find out which of them was the stronger. Just as they were talking, they saw a traveller wearing a grey cloak coming along the road. ?Let?s see,? said the wind, ?which of us can make this traveller take off his cloak. She shall be acknowledged the more powerful.? The sun agreed. Instantly the wind began to blow. She blew with all her might trying to tear the man?s cloak off, but the harder she stormed, the more closely the man drew his cloak around him. The wind could not get it off. Now it was the sun?s turn. She shone with great strength. As it grew hotter and hotter, the man unfastened his cloak; then he threw it back, and at last took it off. He sat under a tree to rest. The sun had won.

An Asope's Fable

 Ursula Joell Mathers is a painter and children's book illustrator living in Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and her children's books have been published by various international publishers and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages.


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