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The First Book of Little Dragon Mu - Mu Visits Europe

E D I Z I O N I P L U S P I S A' U N I V E R S I T Y

The First Book of Little Dragon Mu. Mu visits Europe Isaacs Anne Katherine (with illustrations by Ursula J. Mathers) ISBN: 88-8492-187-2- 36 pages- 29,7x21 - 1 volume + CD-ROM - b/w and colour illustrations

In his first adventure, Little Dragon Mu travels, with his parents, from Dragonia to a faraway country called Europe. He has to look in his Geography book to find where that is. Europe is far from Dragonia in many ways, and Mu experiences the problems of living and going to school in another country. The little dragon finds that there are many languages in Europe, whereas in Dragonia there is only one. Furthermore his favourite characters from history are completely unknown to his new school mates. After a period of homesickness, Mu makes friends with his classmates, telling them about Dragonia. He invites them to visit him in his homeland, but first he and his parents travel to another European country. Young readers are asked to guess where Mu will go next: in the planned sequels to this first volume, Little Dragon Mu will explore each European country with his parents, his sister and his friends. "Mu" is, first of all, a fascinating story for children, particularly for those in the first years of elementary school and in the immediate pre-school years. Ursula Joell Mather's illustrations bring the story to life and are a delight in themselves. The book will interest young readers' parents and teachers as well. It is based on the experience and insight gained by the European History Network, CLIOHnet, a network supported by the European Commission. "The First Book of Little Mu" is an innovative history book for little ones, who will learn from Mu's adventures to prize their own heritage while respecting differences. Ann Katherine Isaacs teaches history at the University of Pisa. She is the central coordinator of the European History Network and is recognised internationally as a higher education expert. Ursula Joell Mathers is an artist who lives and works in Pisa. Trained as a childrens' book illustrator, before meeting Mu she had already illustrated several children's volumes, receiving significant awards for her watercolours and book designs.

written by Ann Katherine Isaacs
published by Edizioni Plus in association with CLIOH net: www.edizioniplus.it www.clioh.net

 Ursula Joell Mathers is a painter and children's book illustrator living in Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and her children's books have been published by various international publishers and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages.


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